Ullman Devices Corp.

Ullman Devices Corp. Phillips Screw Starter with Magnet

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Features & Benefits:

  • Easily start turning Phillips screws in tight places
  • Automatic release of screws
  • Double-end tool - magnetic end for screw retrieval
  • Works on all ferrous and non-ferrous screws

Mechanical Screw Starters for ferrous or non-ferrous Phillips screws. A simple twist of the alloy steel bit and the screw is firmly held, ready for trouble free starting. Screw starter releases and resets automatically. Slender aluminum body for easy access into close areas. Handy pocket clip. Should a screw, washer or nut be dropped into a hard-to-reach area, it can easily be retrieved by turning the tool around and using the strong magnet on the opposite end of the aluminum handle.

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