Rotary Wheel Wing Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • The Wheel Wing is the ideal accessory to efficiently hold tires on a vehicle lift arm
  • "Avoid back strain when bending to put down or pick up a tire"
  • Space saving Wheel Wing can be positioned to fit your tech's needs
  • Adjustable tire hanger fits virtually any light duty swing arm lift
  • The easy to install Wheel Wing arm kit includes 2 magnetic tool trays, hex key, and mounting shims
  • Help technicians avoid back strain and other possible injuries from picking up wheels off the floor. Wheel Wing folds upward or to the side when not in use, saving space and being easily accessible while standing near the lift arms. Wheel Wing can be positioned on the arms of two post lifts to fit your tech's needs. Wheel Wing provides a convenient holding spot for tires, lug nuts and assorted items that may be lost while servicing vehicles for brake work or tire rotation. You'll wonder how you lived without this two post lift accessory.

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