Ringers Rope Rescue Gloves Black XL

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Features and Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY ROPE GLOVES - Ideal for first responders, firefighters, and even rock climbers, the R-353 Rope Rescue Glove provides protection for belaying and rappelling with quality materials and durability.
  • PREMIUM SYNTHETIC LEATHER - Crafted with reliable materials like premium synthetic leather for the palm and fingertip patches and Kevlar stitching, these rescue gloves are designed for functionality.
  • DURABILITY AND DEXTERITY - With leather material between the fingers, these rescue gloves are designed to last through every rescue, making them a crucial part of your gear.
  • FLEXIBLE FOR RAPPELLING - These gloves include a foam padded rope control channel on the palm and are designed for incredible fingertip dexterity to allow knot untying without removing the gloves.
  • SECURED CUFF CLOSURE - Ensure your belaying gloves stay in place with a hook and loop TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) pull tab closure at the wrist ensuring a comfortable fit.
  • First responders and firefighters who belay or rappel can rely on the Ringers Gloves R-353 Rope Rescue Gloves for protection and functionality on any work scene. These heavy-duty rope gloves offer premium synthetic leather across the palm, between fingers and on fingertips as well as Kevlar stitching for ultimate durability and flexibility. With a foam padded rope control channel on the palm, and an incredible design that allows for full fingertip dexterity, these rappelling and belaying gloves allow the wearer to tie and untie knots without removing their gloves. They also ensure comfort and fit with a secured hook and loop TPR pull tab closure at the cuff. Whether you're belaying, rappelling, or even weight lifting, these gloves will provide the protection and dexterity you need. Ringers R-353 Rope Rescue Gloves are sure to become an essential part of your rescue or climbing gear. Ringers Gloves is a leader in providing work gloves with innovative technology for safety and excellent handling on the job.

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