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Protect Your Atlas Wheel Balancer With Battery Backup And Surge Protection!

Dear Atlas® Computer Wheel Balancer Customers,

Your Atlas® computer wheel balancer is dependent on the software stored in a computer chip on a computer board. you must protect this chip from power surges or a sudden loss of power. Battery backup products with surge protection capabilities should always be used with your Atlas® computer wheel balancer.

The battery backup feature will allow you to either complete the current balancing procedure (in the case of a power failure) and the surge protector feature will prevent damage to sensitive component parts.

Good quality battery back-up units (with surge protection) can be purchased for as low as $50.00. This is a very cheap insurance policy.

Power tools, shop fans, and other 110 volt powered equipment operating on the same circuit as your wheel balancer or alignment machine can affect the performance of either Atlas® machine. We also recommend that you provide a dedicated 110 volt circuit to your alignment machine or wheel balancer.

A dedicated 110 volt circuit and a battery backup with surge protection is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Greg Smith Equipment Sales. If you cannot provide a DEDICATED 110 volt circuit, then you MUST use a surge protector. The extra cost of a battery back-up in addition to the surge protector is worth the money.

Please read more about surge protection in the link below: