OTC Truck Dual Wheel Dolly

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Features and Benefits:

  • This 1,500 lb. capacity dolly will remove, transport, and replace dual wheel and tire assemblies without strain or struggle
  • Swivel casters, 3-1/2" front and 3" rear, provide easy maneuverability
  • Floor space is 43" x 42"
  • No. 1769 hydraulic jack provides over 6-1/2" of lift and tilts wheel assembly 7 degrees to prevent damage to wheel seal
  • Includes a 6' support chain to hold load in place

  • OTC's 1,500 lb. Truck Dual Wheel Dolly features a built in jack that provides almost 6-1/2 inches of lift and a jackscrew that tilts wheel assemblies up to 7 degrees to prevent damage to wheel seals

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