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Martins Industries Impact Boom - Mobile Impact Wrench Holder Support Stand

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Features and Benefits:

  • Preserve your energy through the day, let the strong gas spring support impact wrenches weighing up to 50 lb.
  • Up, down and 360 degree the swivel hook and supporting bar will follow you in any bolting patterns while maintaining your impact wrench stil
  • Lug nuts, covers and indicators are at arm's reach in the specially designed tray.
  • Included: Steel bracket to support impact wrench , Gas cylinder ,Swivel casters (x2) , Fix casters (x2) , Lug nut and impact wrench supporting tray and Assembly instructions

  • Never put down your impact wrench again. Keeping it always supported at the right height, the Impact Boom mobile impact wrench holder will truly improve your daily work. Providing better productivity and precision when changing a tire or doing maintenance, the Impact Boom impact wrench holder will also reduce fatigue and injuries due to constant lifting and torquing. Moreover, its versatile steel bracket is compatible with common impact wrenches. At the end of the day, simply push down the supporting bar to safely lock the impact wrench in place

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