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Martins Industries Tire Bead Seater, 5 Gallons

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Features and Benefits:

  • With its ergonomic and robust handle, the Bead Seater 5 Gallons (MBS-5) makes it easy, fast and safe to seat the bead of any ATV, PCR, LT/SUV, TBR or OTR tires in your shop.
  • Its heavy-duty steel tank is ASME-UM & CE certified for long lasting durability
  • The threaded barrel was designed with a steel nose tip to easily position the bead seater at a 45-degree angle and with an end split to have the air flow blown out perfectly around the rim which makes it safe to use with TPMS sensors
  • Finally, the MBS-5 is painted with powder coated paint for a long lasting durability.
  • The MBS-5 Bead Seater is a nitrogen compatible bead seater that can seat tires positioned horizontally or vertically up to 120PSI/8.27Bar

  • Proven and tested, the Bead seater 5 gallons is the hassle-free choice when wanting to seat your tires. Its large carrying and air release handles make it easy to manipulate for an efficient blast while the analog pressure gage will precisely indicate your level of air or nitrogen in the tank.

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