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Pressurized, Self-evacuating, Used Fluid Drain, 25 Gallon, Red

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Features and Benefits:

  • 25-gallon welded steel tank supported by 4 in. heavy-duty swivel casters and 6 in. fixed-axle wheels for easy mobility
  • Its portable upright configuration is commonly used for collecting fluids under lift-mounted vehicles
  • The 15-inch offset funnel includes a removable filter screen and wide-mouth extension that increases the drain bowl diameter to 24 inches
  • The 3635 includes a convenient tool tray for storing tools and drain plugs

  • Lincoln Industrial 3635 25-Gallon Used Fluid drain is an upright drain with a portable configuration commonly used for collecting fluids under lift-mounted vehicles. It features a height-adjustable collection bowl and a large reservoir with capacity for multiple fluid changes. A combination of two ball-bearing swivel casters and two fixed-axle wheels makes this drain portable and easy to maneuver. Once full, the drain can be rolled to a bulk storage location, where compressed shop air is all that is required to evacuate the reservoir. The drain features a standard shop air connection fitting, preset pressure regulator to reduce inlet pressure, wire reinforced dispense hose with J-hook nozzle, volume level sight tube indicating fluid level in the reservoir, and height-adjustable telescoping bowl. A safety relief valve prevents over-pressurization.Pressurized (self-evacuating) used fluid collection equipment is common in many automotive service shops because the reservoirs can be evacuated quickly and cleanly without the need for external pumps or fluid transfer systems.When a reservoir is full, it's typically rolled to a bulk storage access point where compressed air is used to force the fluid out under pressure. All Lincoln self-evacuating models have a built-in regulator that reduces shop air pressure down to a safe level for evacuation as well as a backup safety valve to prevent over pressurization.

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