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Lincoln Lubrication Lithium-Ion PowerLuber 20-Volt Battery-Operated Cordless Grease Gun

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Features and Benefits:

  • ACCURACY AND PRECISION - The tool�s liquid crystal display (LCD) accurately indicates grease flow (grams or ounces) and battery charger level. In addition, the flow meter detects the loss of prime eliminating false readings.
  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY ‐ Lithium-ion technology is powerful and efficient, delivering an even flow of energy and eliminating the slow down associated with NiCad while offering three times the charge cycles.
  • WORK-READY DESIGN - The rugged PowerLuber�s new three-point base keeps the tool upright and stable for easy handling without being bulky to allow easy access to fittings in tight spaces.
  • BUILT-IN LED - The 1882 PowerLuber has a convenient, built-in LED to brightly illuminate the work area.

  • The Lincoln 1882 PowerLuber is a lithium-ion battery-operated grease gun developed for manual lubrication of grease points in agricultural, automotive, construction, general maintenance and industrial applications.This PowerLuber is designed to pump and dispense lubricant using 20-volt battery power and includes motor protection technology that prevents overload due to excessive current draw. Accessories include a 36-inch high-pressure flex hose with spring guard which makes it easier to lubricate hard-to-reach fittings, a 120 V charger (model 1870), one 20 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery (model 1871) and a heavy-duty carrying case molded from impact- and stain-resistant plastic.This tool is ergonomically designed and balanced to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Its high-strength composite body with metal gear and pump housing provide outstanding durability without weight penalty. the patented pumping mechanism and high-tolerance piston-to-bore clearances provide unmatched efficiencies.

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