X-431 Torque Link Professional Diagnostic Tool

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Features and Benefits:

  • With Smartlink diagnostic connector, it supports CANFD\DOIP diagnostic protocol.
  • The device has 4GB RAM+128GB ROM large storage, and is equipped with a high-endurance battery, which runs faster, more stably and lasts longer.
  • Wide coverage of vehicle models, strong diagnostic function, and the diagnostic functions of DTC, Data stream, Actuation test and more of this product have reached the original factory level.
  • Intelligent diagnostic functions, VIN automatically recognizes vehicle information, and can quickly enter the diagnosis.
  • Support software intelligent online one-key upgrade for the vehicles.
  • Support the function of Read I/M Readiness.
  • Support US FCA SGW security gateway unlock.
  • Support remote diagnosis, allowing technicians to perform remote diagnosis assistance across regions.
  • Support optional extension modules: TPMS tire pressure gun, ADAS calibration, videoscope, BST360 Bluetooth battery detection, Immobilizer programmer and more.
  • Support tire pressure activation, programming, learning and detection functions with a tire pressure gun.

  • X-431 Torque LINK is an advanced intelligent car diagnostic device which is developed based on Android 10.0 system. Using 2.0Ghz 4-core high-efficiency processor, 10.1-inch color display, 4GB RAM+128GB ROM large storage, equipped with high-endurance battery, running faster, more stable and longer.X-431 Torque LINK supports full system fault diagnosis, with functions such as Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data stream, Special function, Actuation test, Coding, Matching and more. It supports CANFD\DOIP diagnosis protocol.

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