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Innovative Products Of America Fuse Saver Standard Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • No more overheating fuse boxes
  • The Fuse Saverr provides a fast and safe solution to the old methods of "smoke testing" a short
  • Allows a technician to move around a vehicle shake testing wires while looking for the short
  • Dual-type fuse box connector with 10' cord eases the installation of radios, CD players, radar detectors and other accessory equipment
  • Made in the USA
  • The #8005 Fuse Saver gives you a level of versatility in electronics testing never before available. It allows you to move about the vehicle while checking for shorts in the electrical system. You can also disconnect and reconnect power to any circuit while work is being completed in that circuit without leaving the work area.Have you ever had a blown fuse and wished you had 30 new fuses so you could keep replacing the blown fuse until you found the short? Now the Fuse Saver is here. Just plug in the Fuse Saver's fuse box adapter into the blown fuse socket and troubleshoot the short. If the circuit overloads, just depress the breaker button on the top of the handle and you can continue working until you find the problem. The fuse saver comes with three breaker handles, 10amp, 15amp and 20amp. Available separately 5 amp handle.

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