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Tub O' Towels Tub O' Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner, 64 oz.

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Features and Benefits:

  • **Easily remove tough grease, oils and dirt with this heavy duty hand cleaner**Removes Tough Grime, Without WateHand cleaner features a pumice-free, biodegradable walnut shell formula that is great for cleaning hard working hands and does not clog drains**Heavy duty hand cleaner does NOT contain solvents or petroleum**Hand scrub features lanolin, aloe and Vitamin-E to help protect and moisturize hands after use**Hand cleaner contains a fresh citrus scent in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle

  • Tub O' Scrub Unique biodegradable formula removes grease, oil and tough grime without water. Walnut shell formula will NOT block drains or septic tank systems. Contains NO petroleum distillates that can be harmful to water and septic tanks and a skin irritant. Easily removed from hands. Lanolin, aloe Vera and vitamin E among other emollients that leave hands soft and moisturized after use.

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