Bosch ESI truck 1-year Off-Highway Software License

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Features and Benefits:

  • 12 Month Add on or renewal Off Highway Vehicle License for BOS3824a and BOS3824
  • This software enables users to diagnose Off Highway Vehicles, including Agricultural, Construction, Street Sweepers, Stationary Engines, and more.
  • Coverage for manufacturers such as: Caterpillar , John Deere , Kubota , Perkins , Volvo , Massey Ferguso , SISU , Deutz , Deutz-Fahr , MTU and more.
  • System Coverage such as: Gearbox , HVAC , Engine , Steering , Hydraulic systems , Suspension , Electronic modules , Antipollution , Central computer And more.
  • Diagnostic Capabilities: Manual processes , Diagnosis info , Measurable values , Component actuations , ECU data , Parameter IDs (PIDs) , Calibrations and resets , System technical data , Wiring diagrams , Vehicle technical data , Vehicle maintenance info
  • Diagnostic functions: Advanced level functions, adjustments, andbi-directional controls that are well beyond what a "standard" code-reader provides such VGT Relearn, Injector Coding, Forced DPF Regen, Max Speed Adjustments, Power Output Adjustments, Actuators Control, Special Tests, Module Information and Much more. ( Menu Navigation: Vehicle ID/Select System/All Functions) (Included in Extended License, BOS3824-08 and BOS3824-08OHW)
  • Wiring diagrams: ( Menu Navigation: Vehicle ID/System Info/Wiring diagram) (Exclusive to BOS3824-08 and BOS3824-08OHW subscriptions)
  • Service information such as Preventative Maintenance checks, fuse and relay diagrams (Menu Navigation: Vehicle ID/Model Info) (Exclusive to BOS3824-08 and BOS3824-08OHW subscriptions)
  • DTC Lookup (Diagnostic Trouble Code Lookup) : Detailed description of what a DTC means (Menu Navigation: Vehicle ID/System Info/DTC Lookup) (Exclusive to BOS3824-08 and BOS3824-08OHW subscriptions)
  • System information: Information on various vehicle systems such as component locations and pictures, component operating specifications, system capacities, system diagrams (Menu Navigation: Vehicle ID/System Info/Technical Data) (Exclusive to BOS3824-08 and BOS3824-08OHW subscriptions)
  • Technical data and service procedures: A wealth of technical data available for the vehicle and systems installed on the vehicle such as Engine specifications, fluid capacities and specifications, voltage requirements, belt routing diagrams, tightening torque specifications, for fluids, measurements (Menu Navigation: Vehicle ID/Model Info/Technical data and service procedures) (Exclusive to BOS3824-08 and BOS3824-08OHW subscriptions with an active internet connection)
  • Labor time guides: Estimate of how long it should take a technician to perform certain repair actions such as how long it should take to replace a fuel injector, fuel pump, etc. (Menu Navigation: Vehicle ID/Model Info/Labor Time Guides) (Exclusive to BOS3824-08 and BOS3824-08OHW subscriptions with an active internet connection)

  • The Bosch ESI[truck] platform comes with industry leading coverage, including:Manufacturer coverage: Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, Peterbilt, Sterling, Western Star, and more Engine coverage: PACCAR, Perkins, Detroit Diesel-MBE, Mack, Navistar, Caterpillar, Deutz, MTU, and moreSystem coverage: transmissions, brake systems, exhaust treatment,audio systems, and more Diagnostic capabilities: enhanced bidirectional controls, including diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration, cylinder cut-out, injectorcoding, component actuation, special tests, and more

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