Yokogawa (YOK198040)

Informant 2 Refrigerant Leak Detector Kit
Mfg: Yokogawa
Part No: 19-8040
Item Number: YOK198040
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Price: $392.99
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Features and Benefits
  • Microprocessor controlled for accuracy and reliability
  • Sensor set at the tip for pinpoint accuracy and instantaneous response time and are interchanged quickly and easily
  • Hydrophobic filter prevents moisture contamination
  • Sequential flashing probe tip, dual LED displays and loud tick rate indicates relative concentration levels
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
The Informant™2 leak detector allows pinpoint detection of both refrigerant and combustible gas leaks with the same instrument. Its unique combination of state-of-the-art patented sensor technology, advanced software design and microprocessor controlled circuitry offers you unmatched precision coupled with tremendous speed. Swap sensor tips within seconds and never worry about adjusting sensitivity levels–it’s taken care of automatically–even where high levels of background vapors or refrigerants are present. The refrigerant sensor tip is finely tapered to 0.2 inch diameter–so you can get in between coils and fittings, gaining access to hard to reach areas. It is unquestionably the most sensitive, most reliable, most accurate leak detector on the market today.