Wright Tool

1/2"Dr 6Pt Dp Skt 5/8"

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Features and Benefits:

  • Patented WrightGripr technology provides unparalled tool-to-fastener contact resulting in a superior anti-slip combination wrench.
  • Forged and Machined for Best Fit and Unyielding Strength
  • Precision Heat-Treated and tempered for optimal hardness, ductility and durability
  • Easy to read stamp pattern in order to quickly determine opening size
  • Made in the USA. Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Barberton, OH
  • Made in USA mechanics tools for the Professional - for those who earn a living using tools. For fastening and torquing applications in non-residential construction, power, petroleum/fossil fuels, heavy equipment, mining and industrial MRO markets. Wright Tool has designed its mechanics tools with Wright Driver technology on sockets and box end wrenches and WrightGripr on open end wrenches. These patented innovations have resulted in more tool-to-fastener contact, better fastener torque loads and longer tool life.

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