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Why Buy A Tilt Back Tire Changer?

The "tilt back" feature of the Atlas 755 wheel clamp tire changer allows the turntable of the tire changer to be fully "exposed" , and will handle tire diameters of over 47 inches. If you are presently changing expensive chrome wheels; the "exposed" turntable allows the operator a larger work area and helps to prevent damage to the rim when setting the rim on the turntable.

Tilt back tire changers offer several advantages over the swing arm wheel clamp tire changers. If you are a high volume shop, the tilt back feature reduces operator fatigue because the head assembly is automatically (operator only needs to press a foot pedal) moved away when the wheel assembly is ready to be removed from the turntable. When the next wheel is placed on the turntable, the operator presses the foot pedal, and the arm swings back in to the correct position automatically.

The Atlas 755 tilt back wheel clamp tire changer is the perfect choice for all professional service shops that specialize in changing low-profile high performance stiff sidewall tires. The position of the mount/demount head (12 o'clock) allows the operator to stand in front of the machine with easy access to all pedals and to both assist arms (if the Atlas 755 is equipped with the DAA).

The left hand and right hand assist arms are in the perfect position to assist in the mounting and demounting of run flat tires.