When Is A 10,000 LB. Lift Not A 10,000 LB. Lift?


Almost all above ground lifts sold in the USA come from Asia. Lift manufacturing is not a "high tech" industry, and there are many small manufacturing plants in China that are scrambling to produce lifts to satisfy the huge demand throughout the world.

How much will your 10,000 LB. lift really pick up?

Let us explain:
"Asked to lift" a vehicle that is more than the rated capacity is to bypass the fluid in the hydraulic pump so that the lift will NOT lift the vehicle off the ground. Each power unit should be regulated to provide only the amount of hydraulic pressure needed to raise the absolute maximum weight capacity of the lift. Other factors to consider are the positioning of the vehicle on the lift. The weight of vehicle should be positioned “equally” on all arms. Lifting a car or truck is serious business. Make sure you ask your lift supplier about their warranties and manufacturing standards. Many suppliers make either false or ambiguous claims as to the rated weight capacity of their lifts.  Many of our competitors simply drop ship "your lift" from a large Import Warehouse. These competitors do not stock the lifts nor the parts or accessories.

We design and engineer our lifts to perform flawlessly for years of service.

The Chinese lift factory buys one grade of steel to manufacture lifts going to many different parts of the world. Only a few Chinese factories (Atlas® is one of these factories) buy the highest quality steel.

We have had our off shore factory purchase certain competitors' lifts made in our certain competitor's China and Korean off shore factories. We have sent these lifts to the USA and compared these off-shore lifts to the lifts sold by certain competitors. These lifts are IDENTICAL. The off shore manufacturer does not improve the quality nor increase the thickness of the steel for lifts that are exported to the USA. Certain competitors are not telling the truth!

8,378 lbs. is not 10,000 lbs. DUH!

Most of our customers will buy only one lift in their lifetime. When they see several ads that show a variety of lifts, they assume that the best deal would be to buy the lift with the most amount of advertised lift capacity for the lowest price. Many customers rationalize that since this lift will only be used "once in a while," that paying the lowest price for the highest advertised lift capacity must certainly be the best deal.

We would ask that you call us to hear the full story on above ground lifts.

We cannot prevent our competitors from exaggerating the lifting weight capacities of their lifts. We can, however, make you aware of the test results from exact side by side comparisons of our competitors' lifts to our lifts. We encourage you to ask our competitors why they claim that their lift (with the same; or less physical dimensions) should be rated higher than the lifts at Greg Smith Equipment. If the competitors claim that their lifts are truly manufactured to Industry standards, then we would question the validity of their weight capacity claims.

Who builds your lifts? All the lifts look the same.
I was told that all Chinese lifts come from the same factory.
That is not true.

We have contracts with three premier Asian factories to produce Atlas® Lifts for distribution throughout the USA and Canada.  The design of our lifts has been copied by several of the smaller factories, but the quality has never been copied.

Our involvement with these factories over the past decade has been mutually beneficial. The low cost of Asian labor coupled with the USA standard of manufacturing, modern machinery, and a stringent quality control process has evolved into an unbeatable combination of superb quality and excellent pricing.

Call Us For Details

Greg Smith Equipment Sales (eight locations) is more than just an Internet or catalog company. We are a brick and mortar business with over thirty employees. Our locations maintain a full inventory of parts and experienced service personnel to answer any questions.

I am only going to use this lift once in a while.
I don't need a commercial grade lift at a high price.
I want the biggest capacity for the lowest price.
Is that not a smart buying decision?

Our factories have no idea whether the lift is going to be used in a commercial application or in a home garage. All lifts are built to the same exacting standards. It is the responsibility of Greg Smith Equipment Sales to recommend the best lift for your application. We want to provide the best lift for your particular needs.

Professional lifts sold by professionals. That's our policy at Greg Smith Equipment Sales.