Wera Tools (WER05073290001)

4 Piece Joker Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set
Mfg: Wera Tools
Part No: 05073290001
Item Number: WER05073290001
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $134.34
Price: $70.19

Features and Benefits:

  • "Limit-stop" feature prevents slipping over fastener head
  • "Hold function" allows easy fastener placement, in tight spots
  • "Anti-slip plate" breaks loose even the most stubborn nuts
  • Small return angle makes working in restricted access easy
  • Chrome-moly steel is lighter and stronger

The new Wera Joker wrench has 4 unique features that solve all of the problems of a conventional wrench. The double-hex design on the open end, combined with the Limit-stop plate holds fasteners securely, and allows unlimited access in tight spots. Also, the teeth on the plate mean you can break even the most stubborn fasteners free again! The durable pouch keeps things organized, and can be hung on the wall for easy access!