Wera Tools (WER05051041001)

KK 60 Ratcheting Power-Bit Screwdriver Set
Mfg: Wera Tools
Part No: 05051041001
Item Number: WER05051041001
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Price: $99.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • 60 tooth Ratcheting Bit-Holding Screwdriver
  • Ergonomic Kraftform handle
  • Selection of 89mm long pro quality 1/4" screwdriver bits
  • Cordura pouch for organization and easy access
  • Handle accepts any 1/4" hex-based tools

The unique 17 piece set combines 89mm long power bits (that can be used in any power tool with a 1/4" hex bit holder) with the new 60 tooth ratcheting Kraftform bit-holding screwdriver handle. All of this is securely organized in a cordura pouch for easy access.