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Parts And Accessories:

Atlas believes that service equipment should be no more complicated (in fact, less complicated) than the electronic system on today's vehicles. If your shop can work on today's cars and trucks, then your shop can easily diagnose and repair any Atlas wheel service equipment. Most shops want to control their own destiny when it comes to "fixing their own stuff". Greg Smith Equipment stocks the parts and accessories to get your shop "up and running" if any of your Atlas wheel service equipment needs to be serviced. We supply the parts (ASAP) and you supply the labor.

This simple concept is why Atlas wheel service equipment is the fastest growing brand of equipment in the world. Why wait for the BIG Brand service tech to visit your store, order the parts, and charge some ridiculously high price for installing simple "plug and play" parts.

This equipment is very sophisticated, but is also very durable and simple to repair, if repairs are ever needed.

Atlas offers a very low "up front" purchase price and supports their products by stocking parts and accessories that can be easily installed by the end-user.

The computer and printers found on the Atlas Edge machines may be purchased locally. Even the sensor batteries are available locally. Greg Smith Equipment and Atlas Equipment believe that the profit should be made from the sale of the equipment; not from "nickeling and diming" our customers on inflated "proprietary items" that could easily (and cheaply) be bought locally.

Component Loaner Program:
Parts for our Atlas alignment machines are repaired under our Component Loaner Program. This is a tried and true program that has been in place for more than 10 years. The beauty of the Atlas system is that it is cleanly divided into only 5 major components - 4 sensor heads and one PC. We diagnose your problem by phone or internet access. If one of the components is at fault we will send you a loaner component via FedEx. You simply place your component in the same packaging and FedEx automatically returns two days later to retrieve it and return it to us.

This is a faster, more efficient, and less costly method of offering service to our customers. It reduces customer’s downtime which means more income. It is a more modern and innovative way of providing service and support.

Concerned with after sale service?