Waekon (WAEHVO-16)

Hi-Vizz Jump Lead  16 ft.
Hi-Vizz Jump Lead 16 ft.
Mfg: Waekon
Part No: HVO-16
Item Number: WAEHVO-16
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MSRP: $56.79
Price: $34.90


    Individual Hi-Viz Jump Leads

    These jump leads come with multi-flex coil cords in neon colors for easy identification & visibility. Each comes with an innovative, high quality alligator clip featuring the "Bed of Nails": a series of sharp points which pierce the insulation on small gauge wires and a heavy piercing point to penetrate heavy gauge wire. Additional "Bed of Nails" clips are included which screw onto a prodding probe with a stainless steel point allowing for versatility in testing. All wire test leads and cords are manufactured to military specifications for heat and oil resistance.
    Available in 4 sizes and colors: the 12' Yellow HVY-12, the 16' Orange HVO-16, the 20' Red HVR-20 & the 24' Green HVG-24. 16 Orange Coil Cord