Waekon (WAE45364)

Flight Recorder
Flight Recorder
Mfg: Waekon
Part No: 45364
Item Number: WAE45364
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $652.49
Price: $452.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • Inductive pick-up for ignition monitoring
  • Records, spark events, fuel injection pulse width, 0-24VDC battery voltage
  • 3 hook-up leads with 6 interchangeable probe ends - auxiliary 0-24vdc measurement channel
  • Battery leads provide power and battery voltage monitoring - the unit records 30 seconds of data before and after the trigger
  • PC software CD and RS 232 Download Cable - data is uploaded to a PC for viewing and detailed analysis.
  • Zippered storage case - water resistant

The 4 channel recorder can narrow down the cause of random intermittent problems when the vehicle “just won’t act up” at the shop. It helps determine what subsystem (such as fuel or ignition) dropped out first during a random Stall or No-Start.