Vim (VIMSSC75C2)

Heavy Duty, Stainless Dual Bevel Striking Scraper, .75" Wide
Mfg: Vim
Part No: SSC75C2
Item Number: VIMSSC75C2
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $26.65
Price: $17.38

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra thick stainless steel blade
  • Blade extends through handle to stainless striking surface
  • Heat treated and polished stainless steel blade
  • Ergo 2 component handle with thumb stop
  • Can be struck on the side of blade to split seams and spot welds

Heavy Duty Striking Scrapers feature extra thick polished stainless blades with a front and side dual bevel. These are great tools for splitting seams, scraping, and general cleaning.