Vim (VIMMR8R14A)

8" Red Magrail TL Magnetic Socket and Tool Organizer
Mfg: Vim
Part No: MR8R14A
Item Number: VIMMR8R14A
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $21.80
Price: $14.21

Features and Benefits:

  • Super strong, low profile Neodymium magnet base
  • Magrail TL will hold tools firmly in any position, even overhead
  • Magrails are fully interchangeable and customizable by user
  • Magrails even hold through drawer liners
  • Patent Pending Tool box organizers

The Magrail TL is a Tool Organization System. They will hold your sockets, pliers, wrenches and any other steel tools that can be placed in a tool box. The Magrails are magnetized on the front and back so that you can organize your tools on any flat metal surface, even overhead.