Lip Seal Puller
Mfg: Vim
Part No: LSP1
Item Number: VIMLSP1
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $19.19
Price: $10.69
  • Works better than all other pullers available on the market for import car lip seals.
  • Works best on front cam and crank seals.
  • Has no moving part to adjust, making seal removal a snap.
  • Slim, ergonomic design fits into tight areas.
  • Will not damage shaft journals or seal housings if used properly
  • Most pullers available either require adjustments to set the tool up, or are just too large to fit into the seal lip without risk of damaging the shaft journal, and some will just not fit into the work area, period! Why spend extra time fighting the seal and the tool, with the LSP1 seal puller, front engine seals become a snap. Simply insert the hook into the seal lip, spray the seal with silicone lubricant, pry outwards and you’re done!!