Vampire Professional Tools International(VMPVT001)

VamPLIERS™ 6.25" Screw Extraction Pliers
Mfg: Vampire Professional Tools International
Part No: VT-001
Item Number: VMPVT001
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $29.97
Price: $28.70

Features and Benefits:

An extraordinary pair of pliers that incorporates patented and award winning VamPLIERS™ Technology to solve screw extraction problems. VamPLIERS™ have uniquely designed and patented concave shaped jaws with vertical and horizontal serrations on the inside jaws, which make it possible to grab on to a stripped/rusted/corroded screw or rounded nut for extraction. VamPLIERS™ will even work on screws that have special, tamper-proof, or unique heads; like a Torx screw. They have smooth varnished finish and contains environmentally friendly elastomer for ergonomic grips. Manufactured in Japan, VamPLIERS™ are made of high quality carbon steel from Kobe, Japan.

VamPLIERS™ Technology utilizes a patented design with vertical and horizontal serrations that leads down the inside of the jaws to the tip of the pliers. These serrations are formed, like teeth, at the tip of the pliers to create the maximum amount of contact between the VamPLIERS™ and the screw; creating the perfect "bite" around the screw's head.

  • 6.25" Screw Extraction Pliers
  • Remove stripped/rusted/corroded/stuck/one-side/Torx screws, nuts and bolts.
  • Designed with VamPLIERS™ Technology.
  • Target screws can be extracted using top jaw or side jaw.
  • Perfect slim nose for access confined spaces.
  • Ergonomic elastomer handles for unmatched comfort.
  • Wire cutters hardened to HRC58 +/- 2 (Rockwell standard).
  • RoHS Compliant for use in various industries.
  • Made in Japan from high carbon stainless steel.