Vacutec (VCTEELD601)

EVAP Diagnostic Smoke Machine
EVAP Diagnostic Smoke Machine
Part No: EELD601
Item Number: VCTEELD601
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MSRP: $1,683.67
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Features and Benefits:

The EVAP Diagnostic Smoke Machine is the complete solution for servicing wheel hubs and bearings on the vehicle without removing the steering components or knuckle. This eliminates unnecessary alignments or the use of a shop press, cutting service time dramatically.

  • Most economical OEM EVAP-Approved model.
  • Utilizes OEM-approved licensed technology from STAR EnviroTech, Inc., the only technology designed for and capable of being used with nitrogen, for safer EVAP testing.
  • Uses shop air for general purpose leaks.
  • Can connect right to tire inflation nitrogen generator.
  • Patented UltraTraceUV® solution - the only OEM-approved dye.
  • Basic EVAP and general purpose applications.
  • No manual flow control valve to worry about turning off. The auto shutoff safety valve stops gas fumes from potentially filling your work bay.
  • Auto-Correct EVAP pressure - not adjustable to avoid possible pressure damage to vehicle.
  • Works with nitrogen or shop air to meet all OEM test requirements for all makes and models.
  • Full range flow meter covers all EVAP leak ranges: gross (.080") small (.040") and very small (.020").
  • 500 tests per refill.
  • User refillable.
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Specifications:
    • Height: 15"
    • Width: 8"
    • Length: 15"
    • Net Weight: 23 lb.
    • Power Supply: 12V DC
    • Power Consumption: 15 amps
    • Supply Pressure: 13 in./H2O
    • Supply Volume: 15 LPM
    • Operating Temp. Range: 45° - 140° F
    • Smoke Supply Line: 10'
    • Power Supply Line: 10'
    • Remote Starter Cable: 10'
  • Usage:
    • Vacuum Leaks
    • Exhaust Leaks
    • EGR Leaks
    • Under Dash Leaks
    • Throttle Body Components
    • Brake Booster Leaks
    • Turbo and Supercharger
    • Head Gasket Leaks
    • Vacuum Subsystems
    • Injector O-Ring Leaks
    • Wind/Water Leaks
    • Oil Leaks
    • Air Injection Leaks
    • MAP Sensor Leaks
    • and more