V8 Tools (V8 8109)

9 Piece Super Thin Wrench Set
9 Pc. MM Super-Thin Wrench Set
Mfg: V8 Tools
Part No: 8109
Item Number: V8 8109
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $54.25
Price: $23.98

Features and Benefits:

Specifically designed thinner than regular wrenches for use on thin nuts. Used in everything from bike repair to aviation.

  • Drop forged alloy steel
  • Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee
  • Specifications:
    • 8mm x 9mm (2.74mm thick)
    • 10mm x 11mm (2.62mm thick)
    • 12mm x 13mm (2.7mm thick)
    • 14mm x 15mm (2.7mm thick)
    • 16mm x 17mm (2.7mm thick)
    • 18mm x 19mm (3.85mm thick)
    • 20mm x 21mm (3.9mm thick)
    • 24mm x 27mm (3.94mm thick)
    • 30mm x 32mm (4mm thick)