UView (UV 488125P)

PAG Oil - 125 Viscosity
125 Viscosity PAG Oil, 8 oz. Cartridge
Mfg: UView
Part No: 488125P
Item Number: UV 488125P
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $17.98
Price: $12.29
    Features and Benefits:
    • 125 Viscosity PAG Oil for R134a Systems
    • Eliminates contaminants from entering the system
    • Simply inject the amount of oil you want to add from the convenient 8 oz. oil cartridge
    • An excellent way to top up an A/C system, filling a compressor or accumulator / dryer
    • From the recognized leader in UV leak detection

    Uview designs and manufactures and delivers the most innovative and functional products to the automotive repair industry. This convenient 8 oz cartridge utilizes the award-winning spot-gun injection system.  Also has the ability to inject a precise amount of oil into a pressurized system via the low side service port. This helps to eliminate moisture contamination.  It's simple to use, with its one step process!