UView (UVU488046PBD)

PAG 46 A/C Oil With ExtenDye High Performance Lubricant, 8 oz.
Mfg: UView
Part No: 488046PBD
Item Number: UVU488046PBD
In stock: Yes
Price: $25.00

Features and Benefits

  • High quality A/C compressor lubricant in 46 viscosity
  • Includes super-concentrated UV Dye for fast leak detection
  • Contains ExtenDye
  • Enhanced additive package reduces wear, extends component life, and improves the efficiency of the A/C system
  • Compact 8 oz. bottle reduces shipping costs

The A/C oil features our new A/C ExtenDye additive.  This high performance lubricant features super concentrated UV dye with an enhanced additive package.