UView (UVU488016P)

Universal PAG Oil with Dye and eBoost - 16 oz./480ml Bottle
Mfg: UView
Part No: 488016P
Item Number: UVU488016P
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MSRP: $22.76
Price: $13.35

Features and Benefits:

  • Premium Universal PAG Oil with Dye
  • Includes MoistureGuard™ Technology
  • With Universal PAG oil, no need to stock multiple grades of oil
  • eBoost™ is a proprietary performance enhancing supplement developed by UView® to boost the performance of the A/C system and compressor

When used in an air conditioning system eBoost™ will increase the lubricity and anti-wear properties of the oil and rejuvenate rubber seals and O-rings, thereby helping extend the life and performance of the A/C system and compressor.

The eBoost™ supplement advantage:

  • Condition seals and prevent leaks
  • Reduce compressor temperature/friction
  • Quiets noisy compressors
  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions

MoistureGuard™ Technology is highly effective at removing and inhibiting moisture. MoistureGuard™ prolongs the overall shelf life of products and decreases the ability of Ester Oils to form acids, which can harm A/C systems.