UView (UVU413010)

LED-Lite Cordless UV Lamp
Mfg: UView
Part No: 413010
Item Number: UVU413010
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $33.56
Price: $16.19

Features and Benefits:

  • Battery powered, 6 LED Leak Detection Light
  • Batteries included.
  • Works with all fluorescent dyes
  • Economical - low cost, every Tech can have one in their toolbox
  • Anodized Aluminum - rugged construction to withstand the rigors of the shop environment
  • 6 LED - illuminates fluorescent dyes very brilliantly
  • Battery operated - no cords
  • Compact - operator ease, lightweight
  • 3AA batteries and UV enhancing glasses included
Professional compact leak detection light with 6 LEDs to illuminate all UV leak detection dyes.