UView (UVU332220)

Spotgun Jr./PICO-Lite Kit
Spotgun Jr./PICO-Lite Leak Detection Kit
Mfg: UView
Part No: 332220
Item Number: UVU332220
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $124.99
Price: $65.12

Features and Benefits:

The Leak Detection Kit for A/C Professionals.The Spotgun Jr. System is cost effective without lowering the quality of your work. Don’t be fooled by inferior injection systems that are inefficient and will cost you more and lessen your results. New with PICO-Lite™, a powerful compact fluorescent leak detection light utilizing a Luxeon® LED bulb, the latest in high intensity LED technology.
The benefits of the Spotgun systems are proven:

  • Injects a precise amount of dye into the A/C system
  • Exactly what you inject is what enters the system
  • Hose Coupler has virtually no dye wastage when detached from the A/C system
  • Prevents contaminants entering the system
  • No messy spills to clean up
  • Compatible with all UV leak detection dyes.
  • Spotgun Jr. injector
  • PICO-Lite fluorescent leak detection light (3 AA batteries included)
  • Universal A/C dye cartridge (SAE-J2297 certified & OEM approved dye)
  • Services up to 20 vehicles
  • R134a adapter
  • R12 adapter
  • UV protection glasses
  • Service stickers
  • Storage Case
  • Lifetime warranty on every injection gun