United Marketing (UMIMAXPRO2226)

Blow Off Duster, 10 Ounce
Mfg: United Marketing
Part No: MAXPRO2226
Item Number: UMIMAXPRO2226
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $11.11
Price: $9.39

Features and Benefits:

  • All purpose sterilized cleaner
  • Can be used anywhere around the home, office or auto
  • Removes dust dirt and microscopic debris from computer fans, keyboards and video games
  • Works on electronics and hard to reach places
  • Defined as Non-Flammable by U.S. regulations

Keep your home, office or auto free from dust, dirt and debris with the Blow Off™ Duster!  This all purpose sterilized cleaner gets the dirty stuff out of those hard to reach places and protects your investment by keeping the moving parts clean in video games, computers and electronics.