United Marketing (UMI80050)

Hand-E Hauler Transporter
Mfg: United Marketing
Part No: 80050
Item Number: UMI80050
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MSRP: $18.30
Price: $12.99

Features and Benefits:

  • SAFE and SECURE gas can and propane tank transport!
  • Holds one-5 gallon gas can, two-2 gallon cans or a 20lb LP tank (gas cans and propane tank NOT included)
  • Anti-Slip rubber feet and carpet grips to keep it in place in your vehicle
  • Bungee cord hooks for securing your cargo
  • Corner strap attachment to hold unit in a the bed of a truck

The NEW Hand-E Hauler® provides secure can storage and transport to minimize mess and movement on the go. Multiple Hand-E Haulers may also be hooked together for added storage and convenience. Resistant to chemicals and solvents.