Unitec (GJ 456)

GoJak Rack - Storage Rack Holds 4 GoJaks
GoJakĀ® Rack - Holds 4 GoJakĀ® Dollies
Mfg: Unitec
Part No: 456
Item Number: GJ 456
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $143.10
Price: $87.87
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    Features and Benefits:

    This convenient storage cart handles up to four GoJaks® and fits all models. The cart loads and unloads in seconds and rolls easily to the job or storage area.

    How the GoJak® Works
    GoJak® operates on the principle of a quick action, bi-directional, double-pawl ratchet. Mechanical leverage applied to the foot pedal progressively "squeezes" the vehicle tire between the rollers until the tire lifts smoothly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tire - no contact with the vehicle's frame or undercarriage is necessary. The low center of gravity after lifting helps make GoJak® safe and stable in use. Its purely mechanical design eliminates the need for electric power, compressed air or slow and leaky hydraulics.