Uni-ram (UNRURS500EP2)

120V Solvent Recycler With Transfer Pumps
120V Solvent Recycler With Transfer Pumps
Mfg: Uni-ram
Part No: URS500EP2
Item Number: UNRURS500EP2
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $6,101.69
Price: $4,054.99
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    5-Gallon Capacity Cuts solvent and disposal costs by up to 95%! No water, oil or refrigerant required. Distills up to 15 gallons @ 3 cycles per day. Energy efficient, all-electric, rapid heat-up. 110/120V single-phase, 15 Amp 1600 Watt motor. Two built-in diaphragm pumps to transfer dirty solvent in, clean solvent out. Requires 85PSI 2CFM for pumps. Comes with three hose assemblies to connect to a gun washer and 55 gallon drum. 1 year warranty.