Uni-ram (UNRUM120W)

Manual Water Borne Gun Cleaner
Manual Water Borne Gun Cleaner
Mfg: Uni-ram
Part No: UM120W
Item Number: UNRUM120W
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $2,062.33
Price: $1,533.99
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    Features "GREEN" Water Recovery System Corrosion resistant construction Powerful dual diaphragm pump One year warranty on parts and labor and two years on the diaphragm pump Wash gun delivers high pressure water to clean the paint channel Flow-through brush removes paint from the outside of the gun Air gun dries the spray gun and a spray out verifies a clean paint channel Air Consumption: 2 CFM (58 litres per minute) Output: 3 US Gal (12 litres) per minute at 85 PSI (5.8 kg/cm2)