Uni-ram (UNR1028300)

Flocculant Powder for Waterborne Paint
Mfg: Uni-ram
Part No: 102-8300
Item Number: UNR1028300
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $116.55
Price: $59.62

Features and Benefits:

  • Purifies waterborne paint cleaning solution for reuse
  • Granular consistency reduces airborne dust common to other flocculants
  • Shop operation becomes "greener"
  • Two scoops treats 5 gallons of spent water
  • Lowers disposal costs since the water can be reused several times before disposal

COAG-KLEEN flocculant, removes the absorbed waste paint solids from water that has been used to clean spray guns. The clean recovered water can be reused several times before disposal. The separated paint waste, when dry, is then disposed of in accordance with local regulations.