U S Chemical & Plastics (USC3680088)

2K Empty FillClean Aerosol Can - Version H
Mfg: U S Chemical & Plastics
Part No: 3680088
Item Number: USC3680088
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  • FillClean® is a convenient, patented, no-mess system that transforms solventborne and waterborne single stage and basecoat color into a convenient 2K aerosol that performs like a spraygun.
  • This system consists of the compact Fill-One cylinder and empty 2K aerosol cans with integrated piston disc for filling in seconds - with no cleaning or waste!
  • Part of a complete aerosol refinishing system
  • Convenient color indicator in top of cap
  • VOC compliant and non-toxic
  • Low investment costs
  • Suggested Use: Ideal for small body panels, spot repairs, motorcycle or bicycle painting