U S Chemical & Plastics (USC3680009)

1k Plastic Adhesion Primer
Mfg: U S Chemical & Plastics
Part No: 3680009
Item Number: USC3680009
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $39.76
Price: $20.96
  • Spray Max 1K Aerosol Plastic Adhesion Primer. Premium aerosol adhesion promoter that prepares plastic for finishing.
  • Excellent one coat coverage
  • Good elasticity
  • Silver pigment added for guide
  • Patented valve and nozzle deliver spray gun like results
  • Color: Clear liquid with silver pigments (as packaged)
  • Mix: Ready to spray - aerosol
  • Substrate: Plastic parts prior to painting
  • Suggested Use Plastic parts to be painted.