Transtar (TRE6338)

Scuff & Prep Paste, 25 oz Tube
Mfg: Transtar
Part No: 6338
Item Number: TRE6338
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $46.00
Price: $28.38
  • Scuff & Prep Paste and Ruff Stuff are used for paint preparation and blending.
  • Use for surface preparation prior to painting to remove contaminants, silicone, grease and oils, tar and road film.
  • Use on all areas to be painted, panels, jambs, moldings, bumpers.
  • To save time, use in place of wet sanding and degreasing.
  • They eliminate repaint problems such as fisheyes, craters, blisters and peeling.
  • Use Scuff & Prep Paste for light scuffing and Ruff Stuff for heavy scuff applications.