Transtar (TRE4162)

Ultra Flex Brushable Seam Sealer Gray, 11 oz Cartridge
Mfg: Transtar
Part No: 4162
Item Number: TRE4162
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MSRP: $33.35
Price: $19.55
  • Ultra Flex is a rapid curing, flexible seam sealer designed for all types of painted surfaces, bare metal and primed surfaces.
  • It is resistant to weather exposure and temperature variations.
  • Paintable and sandable.
  • It remains flexible and seals wet or dry.
  • Use to seal seams in floorpans, fire walls, truck seams, wheel sells, etc.
  • Brush marks duplicate original factory finish.
  • Skins in 5 minutes.
  • Air drys in one hour.