Tracerline (TRATP9870CS)

EZ-Ject Universal AC Dye Cartridge
EZ-Ject Universal A/C Dye Cartridge
Mfg: Tracerline
Part No: TP9870CS
Item Number: TRATP9870CS
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $23.29
Price: $10.44
Features and Benefits
  • EZ-Ject dye cartridge treats up to 14 vehicle A/C systems
  • Fluoro-Lite dyes for R-134a systems are certified to meet or exceed SAE Standard J2297
  • Fluoro-Lite dyes are used in over 25 million A/C systems worldwide, so you’re assured of trouble-free operation
  • Connects in seconds and is ready to go
  • Packaged in full-color hanging clamshell
Leaks are often virtually impossible to find with conventional methods until they result in expensive vehicle failure. The revolutionary new way to add Fluoro-Lite® fluorescent dyes into vehicle air conditioning and refrigeration systems, without the use of additional refrigerant. Just one connection, then turn the handle to inject the dye, no complicated hookups! It's ideal for preventive and programmed maintenance. The dye remains safely in the system for future inspections, too. No more pouring, measuring, mess or spills. Labeled and calibrated so you'll introduce exactly the right amount of dye every time!