Tracerline (TRATP9367L)

Marksman II ultrasonic tool with laser pointer
Mfg: Tracerline
Part No: TP9367L
Item Number: TRATP9367L
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Features & Description:

  • Convert and amplify inaudible ultrasonic sounds into audible “natural” sounds
  • Perfect for pressurized leaks
  • Perfect for non-pressurized leaks using included emitter
  • Great for hearing wear with solid contact probe included
  • Hard carrying case included
  • 5-LED signal intensity indicator and audible alarm
  • Tool is unaffected by ambient noise
  • Checks for electrical discharge
  • Unique ultrasonic emitter helps locate faulty leaks in non-pressurized enclosures

Advanced heterodyne circuitry and “sound signature technology” to convert and amplify inaudible ultrasonic sounds into audible “natural” sounds.  It pin points air brake leaks and other pressurized leaks quickly and effortlessly.