Tracerline (TRATP8647HD)

Heavy-Duty Optimax Jr/EZ-Ject Leak Detection Kit
Heavy-Duty Optimax Jr/EZ-Ject Leak Detection Kit
Mfg: Tracerline
Part No: TP8647HD
Item Number: TRATP8647HD
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Features and Benefits
  • Targets the Heavy-Duty market
  • Accurate EZ-Ject A/C injector
  • Powerful 75 watt Optimax Jr™ flashlight
  • Low cost diagnostic tool
  • Fluorescence-enhancing glasses and plastic case
This is a complete Heavy-Duty Optimax Jr™/EZ-Ject™ Kit, finds the heavy-duty leaks! Leaks are often virtually impossible to find with conventional methods until they result in expensive vehicle failure. Tracerline leak detection utilizes a simple method that has only two basic parts. A high-intensity Tracerline ultraviolet or UV/blue light lamp is teamed up with the appropriate Dye-Lite (fluids) or Fluoro-Lite (A/C) fluorescent tracer dye. The fluorescent dye is added to the system and circulated. The system is then inspected with the lamp. Since the dye collects at all leak sites, the lamp will show the precise location of every leak with a bright glow.  This kit slashes operating cost, reduces downtime and saves on diagnostic labor! The EZ-Ject™ dye injector is the easiest, most accurate and most compact method of adding dye to any truck, bus, train, off-road and refrigerated transport vehicle’s A/C system. Kit includes: OPTIMAX Jr™ high-intensity LED flashlight,  EZ-Ject™ injector with (2) universal A/C dye cartridges for servicing up to 28 vehicles, 8 oz bottle Dye-Lite, All-In-One™ concentrated dye for oil, fuel, ATF, PS and hydraulic leaks, 8 oz bottle Dye-Lite coolant dye and Fluorescence-enhancing glasses.