Tracerline (TRATD100E8)

8 oz. Bottle POE AC Oil with UV Dye
8 oz. Bottle POE A/C Oil with UV Dye
Mfg: Tracerline
Part No: TD100E8
Item Number: TRATD100E8
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $22.65
Price: $11.94
Features and Benefits
  • Super-bright, OEM approved dye formula
  • Enhanced lubicity and stability with proprietary additive package
  • Co-solvent free
  • Strong anti-wear properties
  • Hassle free and labor saving
Super-Premium POE Refrigerant Oil with UV Dye is compatible with both R-134a and R-12 refrigerants.  Designed for PAG and mineral oil air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Detect even the smallest leaks when used with any standard fluorescent leak detection lamp. Specially formulated for mobile air conditioning systems. Safe to use with all types of refrigerants and compressors. Ideal for preventative maintenance.  Non-hazardous and non-toxic.  Superior R-134a miscibility.  8 oz (237ml) bottle.