Tool Aid (SGT62500)

Single Action Spring Coil Compressor Kit
Single Action Coil Spring Compressor Kit
Mfg: Tool Aid
Part No: 62500
Item Number: SGT62500
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $80.95
Price: $51.96
Features and Benefits:
  • Remove, install and compress coil springs that can be reached through the center of the coil
  • Smooth bearing action and finest quality heat treated steel makes for safe, quick compression
  • Single turning action on central shaft
  • Fit tool inside spring
  • Use with a hand operated ratchet wrench to pull arms closer together. A front end shop must!!!

Kit combines capabilities of SGT62200 and SGT62400 at almost half their combined price! Handles standard, compact and sub compact vehicles. Consists of standard Single Action tool plus shorter shaft for smaller vehicles.