Thexton (THE106)

Cold-Check Anti-Freeze Tester for Ethylene Glycol
Cold-Chek Disc-Type Anti-Freeze Tester
Mfg: Thexton
Part No: 106
Item Number: THE106
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $18.49
Price: $7.77

Features and Benefits:

  • Large professional-size (16 1/4") tester is accurate at all temperatures
  • Tests coolant, hot or cold
  • Easy to read discs are magnified by convex design of the clear SAN plastic barrel
  • Protection scale is printed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Beyond 70% anti-freeze, cooling and corrosion effectiveness is reduced
  • One-piece bulb and neoprene dip tub
This large professional-size tester is accurate at all temperatures and is used to test coolant, hot or cold. It has a special feature, the 6th disc shows overprotection and a loss of cooling efficiency. Made with the durability to last!

Tests ethylene glycol based coolant not propylene glycol based antifreeze.