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Bead Blaster

The revolutionary Bead Blaster design found on many of our Atlas tire changers provides an enormous amount of air pressure and volume (blasting air through the air holes positioned near the movable turntable jaws) to seat the beads on most stiff sidewall tires. This tremendous volume of air, directed to the inside cavity of the tire, forces both tire sidewalls to press solidly against the wheel so that the tire will "hold air". Atlas wheel clamp tire changers offer this exclusive bead blast design on most of their tire changers. This innovative large volume Bead Blaster design allows the operator to seat the beads and easily inflate even the most stubborn of stiff sidewall tires.

The larger air tank reservoir holds more compressed air than most competitive tire changers. The tank is connected to a unique valve system which utilizes an oversized hose system to deliver a huge amount of air pressure and volume in a short amount of time.

This new Bead Blaster design allows a larger volume of air at a higher pressure to be forced into the tire cavity for a longer period of time. This increased pressure and volume of the Bead Blaster system separates the Atlas wheel clamp tire changers from their competition. One pedal allows the operator to seat the bead and inflate the tire to the factory recommend pressure in a short amount of time.

The use of Atlas Motorcycle/ATV Flip Adapters prevent the use of the air bead blast feature on this tire changer. The adapters are slid over the standard wheel clamp jaws on the tire changer table and will block the holes through which the bead blast shoots the jets of air. This means that you will not be able to use the Bead Blaster to help you reseat the bead of a tire when you are using either of these adapter sets.